LCD Projectors

We rent projectors for conference meetings and seminars organized in schools, colleges, institutions, and companies for various events such as college programs, school events, company meetings, personality development meetings, cultural meetings, weddings, political meetings, and any large-audience event.

DLP High lumens projectors 5000 lumens to 15000 Hologrome Projectors.

Projectors on hire, 3000 lumens to 15000 LUMENS L.C.D Projector, DLP High lumens projectors, Laptops, Printers, Plasma TV, Rentals, Kramer switches, VGA Splitter, Kramer video SPLITTER.

The Big Screen Experience for the big audience.

  • Laptops Screen Fabrications.
  • Rear, Front, Tripodsolle.
  • Large venue DLP Projectors.

For display of video, images, or computer data on the big screen or a flat surface.

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